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We are also providing General Staffing Services to improve your business performance through customized workforce

Your trusted source with flexible access to a quality workforce for General solutions.

Electronic assembly Recruitment Services

OMS Staffing delivers highly skilled employees with the aptitude and dexterity needed to perform immediately in your unique work setting, covering a full range of electronic assembly disciplines, industries, and roles. We screen and hire many new employees each year to support electronic assembly operations, we can guarantee your satisfaction with reliable temporary or full-time assembly specialists. We can also provide key market intelligence through local offices nationwide for a plan fit to your talent pool.

The groundwork of our success in workforce solutions for electronic assembly is our understanding of the skills needed to truly thrive in the electronic assembly environment. Benefits to your business include:

  • – we partner with you to assess whatever hard skills are required for your electronic assembly jobs, delivering employees with the technical knowledge needed to contribute
  • – our recruiting and testing tools are both cost- and time-efficient, allowing for quicker turnaround of better quality employees
  • – our best practices for occupational health, safety, or environmental concerns feature a detailed safety orientation that helps reduce workers’ compensation claims and absenteeism.

Engineering Recruitment Services

Any engineering organization demands an equally effective workforce partner, with the integrity and technical competence to ensure high performance from its engineering talent.

OMS Staffing has been placing contract engineers with clients in developing our solutions to address the workforce challenges of the engineering community, across an array of specialized industries. Here, your business can realize service excellence delivered at its highest level of performance: through a fully scalable range of engineering workforce solutions, led by a tenured staff for more efficient, consistent outcomes. And as one of the world’s largest suppliers of technical professionals, OMS Staffing offers proven expertise to address any operational requirement, featuring:

  • Project- or SOW-based engineering work
  • Training and intern program management
  • Fully outsourced engineering functions
  • Contract staffing
  • Direct hire

Healthcare Recruitment Services

Demand for healthcare staffing will continue to escalate. You need a reliable partner to deliver the most qualified physicians, nurses and allied health professionals across a spectrum of healthcare disciplines—and business solutions, including managed services, that can streamline your workforce processes to ensure you have the right staff at the right time.

OMS Staffing is a premier healthcare staffing provider with a comprehensive scope of workforce solutions, featuring specialized medical staffing for emerging areas such as:

  • Locum Tenens
  • Health Informatics
  • Legal Nurse Consulting

Legal Recruitment Services

As business evolves to be more complex, your achievement will demand an increasingly more versatile array of specialized legal acumen. Beyond fundamental staffing support, your ideal partner for legal workforce solutions should combine reliable insight and true consultancy with proven efficacy and an unimpeachable credibility. We can readily staff a variety of legal disciplines nationwide with highly qualified and experienced professionals, featuring specialized legal workforce solutions such as:

  • Document Review
  • Trial Services
  • On-Shore Solutions
  • Off-Shore
  • Legal Nurse Consulting

Light Industrial Staffing Services

OMS Staffing can keep your manufacturing, production, or distribution facility operating at peak capacity with competent, reliable personnel across multiple shifts during your peak workloads or vacation seasons. We hire hundreds new employees every year to support light industrial operations, using best-in-class methods for recruiting, screening, testing, and retaining top talent. With local offices nationwide, we can also develop a strategy based on your market and pool of nearby skill sets. To help you realize higher productivity and strong employee engagement, we offer a variety of workforce solutions that are customized to ensure your industrial environment will remain staffed at optimal levels with a high-performing workforce. We’ll help your company achieve a competitive advantage through:

  • – our unique method for identifying top-performing light industrial employees reaches 100% of your local target audience; not just those looking for work
  • – we evaluate the applicable skills most required across light industrial disciplines, including hand-eye coordination and manual and precision dexterity, to ensure our employees possess the skills needed for hand tool, quality, inspection, equipment operation, or stack-and-sort job functions
  • – best practices for occupational health, safety, or environmental concerns include a detailed safety orientation that helps reduce workers’ compensation claims and absenteeism

Office Staffing Services

We have been providing innovative workforce solutions and highly skilled office professionals to all of our Clients Nationwide, from small and mid-sized businesses across the U.S. to Fortune 500 corporations. Our expertise will put top talent to work for your business.

“Whether you need employees to cover peak workloads, special projects, or staff vacations, our comprehensive sourcing, screening, and training practices enable us to deliver top administrative and clerical talent in your area.”

Science Recruiting Expertise

As your business evolves, consider the strategic impact of your clinical or scientific talent. OMS offers a full spectrum of workforce solutions, with each specialized to enable your scientific business for high performance, globally or locally. Our talent and services are fit through careful consultation to serve almost any employment demand, by targeted science industry specializations. We translate our focused knowledge of these areas into sourcing the scientific or clinical professionals you need, across all of your operational levels or positions. Ranging from intern program management—we also feature solutions that integrate this hard-to-find, highly qualified talent into your business—up to project-based or fully outsourced functionality.

Financial Services

We delivers superior accounting and finance recruiting through an extensive screening and interview process, our Professionals are always seeking for the best candidate over seasoned professionals with exceptional performance records. Our clients are among of premier Fortune 500 companies. OMS uses a range of refined strategies to identify high quality candidates from a range of finance support backgrounds. Whether they have accountant, accounts clerk, accounts manager, accounts payable clerk, accounts receivable clerk, admin generalist, administrator, bookkeeper or finance manager experience, we spend time with our candidates to understand their skills, experience, aspirations and exactly what they are able to offer.

IT Staffing Services

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Project Services

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